A New HIV Vaccine Expected To Cure HIV

Dr. Robert Gallo a well known researcher in the sector of HIV/AIDS took the initiative to create a vaccine for HIV infection at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and at the Institute of Human Virology based on his studies and various discoveries that is expected to cure HIV.

The vaccine is set to begin human trials after a promising successful trial on an animal. The vaccine was first tested on an animal and the results received were absolutely remarkable. Researchers are expecting that this vaccine will be able to either cure the HIV infection or reduce its effects drastically.

Trial period for this vaccine has been set to 1 year. This vaccine will first be tested on 60 volunteers and its effects will be carefully monitored by scientists and researchers in order to ensure the safety of the vaccine. After the initial testing of the vaccine in the first year, Phase 2 of this trial will be commenced to note the interactions of the virus with the vaccine and what side effects it may produce. This phase is expected to consume one further year.

This vaccine is commonly known as the “full-length single chain vaccine” among the researchers. This vaccine is constituted of specially designed HIV protein whose objective is to tackle the way the virus binds itself to CD4+ cells, commonly known as the white blood cells.

An amazing fact to note is that the vaccine has been under development for the past 20 years and while creating this vaccine Dr. Robert Gallo has made sure to cover each and every aspect of HIV R&D in order to formulate a vaccine that is proven to work and to be honest it is expected to do so because of the amazing results obtained in animal trials. It will take about 2-3 years for human trials of this vaccine and if it is found successful in human trials then soon it will be available in the market, ready to eradicate the deadly disease out of the infected body.

A New HIV Vaccine Expected To Cure HIV
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A New HIV Vaccine Expected To Cure HIV
Discover about a new revolutionary HIV vaccine that is expected to cure HIV.
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