AIDS Dementia Complex Diagnosis And Treatment

The AIDS Dementia Complex which is popularly known as The ADC is a neurological disorder associated with HIV infection. AIDS Dementia Complex or ADC is also known as HIV Dementia. ADC is one of the most common infections occurring to the patients of HIV that usually affects the patients at the last stage of HIV infection which is referred to as AIDS.


Stages of AIDS Dementia Complex


There are 5 different stages of AIDS Dementia Complex. The disease keeps worsening as the stage keeps ascending however with proper treatment the quality of life and the condition of disease can be improved to a great extent.

Stage 0-1

This is the stage where patients are affected with this disease. At this stage, symptoms are very few or almost equal to zero in most of the cases however mild signs of the disease might be visible.

Stage 1-2

Patients of ADC are able to perform their daily chores normally at this stage but intellectual or motor impairment may be felt by them.

Stage 2-3

At this stage the disease starts showing its visible symptoms. Patients of ADC aren’t able to perform more demanding daily chores but are able to perform less demanding daily chores.

Stage 3-4

This is a stage where this disease gets to a severe condition and starts showing its harmful effects. Patients of ADC find it difficult to walk at this particular stage due to motor disability.

Stage 4-5

This is the final stage of this deadly disease. At this stage the disease is at its highest possible rate and causes the maximum damage. Output of the patient is nearly to zero and the patient is not able to perform anything on his/her own.


Symptoms and Diagnosis of AIDS Dementia Complex


Patients of ADC face different kinds of symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of this infection are:

  • Memory Loss
  • Weakness and Tiredness
  • Slow Pace To Grasp New Things
  • Severe Frequent Headaches
  • Poor Balance
  • Inability To Walk

The symptoms of this disease are similar to various other types of diseases so diagnosing this infection is sort of difficult and tricky. The most common ways to diagnose this disease is by performing a brain scan as well as doing mental evaluation of the patient.


Treatment of AIDS Dementia Complex


AIDS Dementia Complex is a disease which is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Till date no scientifically proven cure for this infection has been found out. ADC is often treated with HAART which is reported as to be the one of the best and most effective ways of treating this infection. HAART reduces the severity of HIV and slows its progress which ultimately treats ADC alongside.

Retrovir drug in particular can also help to treat this disease however it is advised to consume it only when a certified doctor prescribes it. Antidepressant or Antipsychotic drugs may also help the patient to treat ADC. It is advised to the patients of AIDS Dementia Complex to take third party support in order to take their medications regularly and on time.

AIDS Dementia Complex Diagnosis And Treatment
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AIDS Dementia Complex Diagnosis And Treatment
Learn how to diagnose AIDS Dementia Complex which is one of its biggest complication and also find out the ways to effectively treat it.
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