Amazing Pill Treats HIV Related Infection For Just 1$

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, a special California drug builder is now offering a pill costing just 1$ that has got the potential to treat HIV related infections. As per Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, the pill is basically a mixture of leucovorin and pyrimethamine formulated in the form of a capsule that is to be taken orally.

The basic work of this pill is to fight the parasitic infections in the body which covers a wide variety of HIV related infections. Surprisingly, San-Diego based Imprimis acknowledged that it will be offering an alternative medicine just like this for as low as 99$ for a 100 count bottle.

Capsule Ingredients Uses and Benefits:

  • Pyrimethamine is beneficial in fighting a parasite bone infection specifically known as toxoplasmosis that often infects the person with a weak immune system which mostly occurs in the case of HIV/AIDS.
  • Leucovorin on the other side helps to neutralize the bad or negative effects of Pyrimethamine on the bone marrow.

A custom compound of both the ingredients is used in the capsule to deliver optimal results so that the effectiveness of the capsule can be maximized.

Future Updates and Expectations:

Imprimis is currently working on an amazing project known as Imprimis Care and will be launching it pretty soon in the market. The beauty of this project is that with the help of this program will get access to generic drugs and medications at accessible prices. Advancements like these are really a great sign displaying that we are now not much far away at reaching s cure for HIV/AIDS.



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