HIV Medication Awareness Among People

Many people around the globe are infected with HIV infection but it is a great pity to know that most of the infected people do not know that they are infected with this infection and those who are aware of their infection don’t usually take medication to treat themselves.

Researchers have revealed that most of the patients of HIV infection find it difficult to afford and avail HIV medications which results their infection to take its most vigorous stage, that is, AIDS. This is problem faced in most of the developing and under developed countries and in some developed countries. For instance, research shows that almost half of the American adults infected with this infection do not take proper medication to treat their problem and in turn this leads to the development of AIDS in their body.

This is a common problem in the people ranging in the age of 18-59 years. They are not much aware about their condition and do almost nothing about it when they become aware of their disease. If we take a look on the studies about HIV we find that  each and every person who is affected with HIV infection should do the best he can in order to treat it so that he can live a longer and a healthy life.

Recent survey of nearly 10,000 people shows that 0.39% of the people ranging in the age of 18-59 years were HIV positive out of which less than 50% were aware of their condition and were treating it well with antiretroviral therapies. Moreover, it was also discovered that men dominated this percentage of infected patients. Patients suffering from HIV were more concentrated with the black community than white. It is estimated that almost 1.6% of the blacks were infected with HIV where as only 0.7% people of the white community were infected with this disease.

The cases of HIV tend to rise at an enormous rate even though necessary steps are taken by the governments of various nations in order to fight with this problem. The major cause of this rise is lack of awareness among people of their condition and illiteracy. The ever rising number of HIV positive people has made it necessary for the widespread of awareness of this disease as well as adult education so that one day it is possible to eradicate this plague from earth.

HIV Medication Awareness Among People
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HIV Medication Awareness Among People
Discover about how much awareness there is among the people regarding HIV/AIDS.
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