How Do You Get HIV?

HIV is not usually transmitted from one person to another with normal day to day activities. It gets transmitted to from the infected person to a normal person only via few specific activities and to be precise these activities include sexual intercourse with an infected person or needle sharing. Apart from this the next source of transmission of HIV includes parental transfer, that is, transfer of HIV virus at birth. These are the most common ways by which you get HIV and these are the main sources of transmission of HIV in 99.9% of the cases.

If we talk about the most developed countries such as The United States then we get to know that,

  • HIV is spread mainly by, having anal sex with an infected person without the use of condoms for protection or similar coverings wore by the female partner,
  • Sharing syringes or needles while taking drugs via an injection with a person who is HIV positive,
  • From mother to child by birth or via breastfeeding or,
  • By being stuck by a needle that is HIV positive by an accident.

It is further to be noted that if you get HIV and are able to get it diagnosed within 72 hours then there is a chance that you can actually cure the disease with the help of PEP treatment. You can read about this topic in full detail in this post. Further, if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to get the benefit of this treatment then you will have to live with this deadly disease for the rest of your life. However, with the help of proper treatment and medication the living standard can be uplifted to a lot higher level.

HIV also gets transmitted by a few other sources as well but the chances of a person getting HIV via these sources is extremely rare. These sources include:

  1. Oral Sex
  2. Blood Transfusions
  3. Contaminated Tissue/Organ Transplants
  4. Eating Food That Has Been Chewed By An Infected Person
  5. Being Bitten By An Infected Person
  6. Contact With Contaminated Blood At Broken Skin or Open Wounds
  7. Deep Mouth Kissing With A HIV Positive Person

The above mentioned sources possess a very less chance for transmitting HIV however it is to be duly noted that cases have been discovered in which people got infected or got HIV positive due to the above mentioned reasons/sources.

In short, the basic fundamental is that HIV virus gets transmitted from one person to another with the help of transmission of body fluids from an infected person to a normal person. This is the only way a person gets HIV. Research is constantly going on to discover a cure for HIV but it is to be duly noted that there is no proven sustainable cure for HIV discovered yet.

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How Do You Get HIV?
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How Do You Get HIV?
Learn what are the various ways by which a person gets infected with the HIV virus and what are the sources of its transmission.
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  1. A child’s immune system is still underdeveloped
    and they have more dangerous reactions to HIV infection. Breakouts usually show up
    after the virus has dispersed in your body which is the most prevalent characteristic of
    HIV in males. This will make the body more prone to infection and contagion, as well as certain types of cancers.

  2. Faith says:

    What about straight men? Are we sehmoow immune to aids? Does the disease discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation? Of course not. Not raising awareness for ALL groups of people who are sexually active is the problem. Why can’t we just have a day or week or month for awareness where we educate EVERYONE about the disease and how they can protect themselves?We have days for blacks, latinos, women, gay men, caribbean americans, asian and pacific islanders, but none for men in general.


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