Kidney Disease And HIV

Kidney failure is a common major opportunistic infection caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV affects the kidney cells which causes kidney failure in the patients of HIV infection. This is known as HIVAN or HIV – Associated Nephropathy however this disease is more commonly known as The Renal Disease.

This disease further leads to many more other diseases in patients because the kidneys don’t work properly and the blood doesn’t get filtered. Moreover this can also lead to the accumulation of waste products in the body which further causes many more life threatening health problems.


Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Disease


At the beginning of this disease the patients usually do not encounter any signs or symptoms however they might feel that their kidney is not functioning properly at various instances. This disease shows various signs and symptoms at the late stages when the problem gets much chronic and the kidneys have been damaged to a great extent.

At the last stages of this disease the patient suffers from the following signs and symptoms:

  • Proteins in urine
  • Ketones in urine
  • Sugar in urine
  • Diabetes

Discharge of proteins in urine is one of the major indicators that the kidneys aren’t working properly and the person may be suffering from this disease. On the other hand discharge of ketones and sugar in urine is an indicator that the person may be suffering from diabetes which is the major cause of kidney disease.  This disease is usually diagnosed with the help of urinalysis. It is advised that if you feel that your kidney is not functioning properly then you should consult your doctor immediately.


Treatment of Kidney Disease


Recent studies reveal that the problem of kidney disease is faced by more than 30% of HIV positive people. Patients of HIV infection who are currently suffering from this disease or feel that they might be at a risk of suffering this disease are highly advised to take a consultation from their doctors for a tailored medication to prevent or treat this disease effectively and efficiently.Other ways to treat this disease is by taking medications which helps to manage phosphorous levels at an ideal stage, managing body fluids, reducing blood pressure and by taking antiretroviral therapy and medications.

Patients of HIV who are suffering the late stages or the chronic stages of this disease are suggested for a consideration on kidney transplant. Patients of HIV usually have a much weaker immune system as compared to a normal person and as time passes by it gets much weaker which doesn’t allow the body to fight with such chronic diseases and heal itself in a short time period.

However, in the same time frame the severity of the disease keeps increasing at a fast pace. So, it is recommended to the patients of HIV infection to go for a kidney transplant if possible and if their doctor recommends so.  If kidney transplant is not a valid option then it is recommended to take a tailored medication which treats kidney disease as well as the HIV infection alongside. HIV positive patients are also suggested to take antiretroviral treatment for treating kidney disease.

Kidney Disease And HIV
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Kidney Disease And HIV
Discover the signs and symptoms of kidney disease in HIV patients as well as the various ways to treat it.
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