Prognosis Of HIV/AIDS

Expected course of the HIV infection is referred to as prognosis of HIV/AIDS. Research and development have been moving at a fast pace in the sector of HIV/AIDS however till yet there is no cure for this life threatening disease. AIDS is referred to as the last stage of HIV infection and it takes the it a very long time to reach that stage with proper medication and treatment for HIV infection but without taking optimal treatment the stage of AIDS is reached comparatively very soon and the patient may die very early even before the stage of AIDS is reached.

With optimal treatment of HIV infection it almost takes 10-15 years for the patient to reach the stage of AIDS. Taking proper medications such as antiretroviral therapies at the onset of the infection can delay the onset of AIDS greatly. However antiretroviral therapies do not cure the actual disease, it just prevents the replication of the virus in order to prevent the disease from affecting the whole body.


Factors Affecting Prognosis of AIDS


The prognosis of AIDS is affected by numerous factors. They are as follows:

  1. Amount of virus in blood which is often referred to as viral load in blood.
  2. The age of the patient is also an important factor that affects the prognosis of AIDS.
  3. Various allergies and numerous sort of diseases being suffered by the patient already such as heart disease, kidney infection, liver disease etc.
  4. Drug abuse via injections.
  5. CD4+ cell count in the body.

Researchers and scientists have continuously been researching about AIDS from past 3 decades so that a cure to AIDS can be found it but unfortunately there is still no cure for it however it is predicted that by 2030 a possible cure will be available for AIDS. In developing countries HIV medication are still rarely accessible by common people and various steps are being taken by numerous organizations in order to eradicate this problem.

As per in developed countries HIV medications have deemed to be found extremely effective. The number of deaths caused due to this disease has fallen down to a great extent. Moreover, new advancements in technology has also played a major role in the declining deaths caused due to HIV/AIDS. AS for now, it is possible for HIV patients to live a longer and healthier life only by doing regular checkups at hospitals or HIV clinics and by taking their medications regularly.

Prognosis Of HIV/AIDS
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Prognosis Of HIV/AIDS
Article explains about the prognosis of HIV/AIDS in the upcoming years.
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