Recent Changes In Global HIV Policy By WHO

The World Health Organisation has actively been taking part in improving the condition of HIV/AIDS globally and for the first time ever in history, the World Health Organisation has announced a remarkable change. According to the recent changes the WHO wants everyone should provided access to the life-saving HIV drugs as soon as they are diagnosed with HIV so that this ever rising rate of HIV patients gets a brake.

These new announcements and recommendations also include that each and every person who is currently at a risk of getting HIV should also be provided access to antiretroviral therapies to prevent the diseases from ever happening which shows the WHO is trying to follow the famous motto “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.

One amazing rarely known fact is that the antiretroviral therapy (ART) is free all over India under National AIDS Control Program however this treatment is not available to each and every patient of HIV. The ART treatment varies from patient to patient depending on your current stage of infection. ART is offered based on the symptoms of the patient as well as the CD4+ cells count. If it falls below 200 then the ART treatment is initiated no matter the stage of infection.

It is estimated by WHO if these changes in the policies are followed worldwide actively then more than 20 million deaths and 28 million new infections can be averted. By following the principle of “treat all patients” WHO has successfully achieved to remove all the limitation for the eligibility for ART treatment. By following the above principle WHO has made it possible an easy access to ART for every patient of HIV. No matter if the patient is a small kid of 7 years or an old man of 70 years, he/she will be able to avail ART easily.

The use of ART is being promoted so much nowadays because of the recent findings by clinical trials confirming that use of ART at the early stage of infection keeps the people suffering from HIV alive and healthier. It also reduces the risk of transmission of the disease as well.

The target of WHO that it is estimating to achieve with the help of these changes include – 90%+ patients of HIV become known to their condition, 90%+ of those receiving proper ART treatment and 90%+ of the patients on ART having almost undetectable amount of virus in their blood. These targets are estimated to be met by 2030 by WHO.

Recent Changes In Global HIV Policy By WHO
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Recent Changes In Global HIV Policy By WHO
For the first time ever WHO brought out changes in Global HIV policy. By reading this article get to know about what these changes are.
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