Testing HIV/AIDS At Home

Diagnosing HIV at an early stage plays a great role in a healthy lifestyle of an HIV positive person. In the past, people could only get tested for HIV either in hospitals or at diagnostic centers and laboratories. Thanks to scientific progress in HIV/AIDS that now this problem has been resolved.

Due to scientific advances in HIV/AIDS it is now possible to test HIV infection at the comfort of your home safely, effectively and efficiently. Recently a home test for HIV/AIDS called as OraQuick was approved by FDA. More than 15% of HIV patients are unaware of the fact that they are actually suffering from this deadly disease. By the time they get aware of their condition it gets too late. With the help of OraQuick test kit testing HIV/AIDS has became a lot easier, affordable and accessible.


When and How To Use OraQuick Home Test?


In about 15-60 days your immune system begins making antibodies against the HIV virus in order to fight it. Most of the HIV tests basically test for these specific antibodies in order to identify if you are HIV positive or not. This time period is the best time for testing HIV infection.

Before you use OraQuick or any other rapid testing kit for testing HIV/AIDS it is essential to make sure that you:

  • Do not eat or drink anything before testing
  • Remove any dental products you are using from your mouth
  • Make yourself free and comfortable for at least 30 minutes specifically for these type of tests
  • Read the instructions that came with the testing kit carefully before using it

With the OraQuick test what you need to do is to swab the inside of your mouth and then you place the swab in a test tube with a developing solution. It takes the test around 30 minutes to determine and show up the results. If only one (1) line appears then it means that you are HIV negative and if two (2) lines appear then it means that you are HIV positive.

Although the OraQuick test is easy and affordable to use however the results are not 100% accurate. The accuracy of rapid test varies from kit to kit and in specific OraQucik test kit is around 95% accurate. It is suggested that you should follow-up test from a laboratory or a HIV diagnostic center in order to be 100% sure if you are HIV positive or not.

Testing HIV/AIDS At Home
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Testing HIV/AIDS At Home
Learn the various ways and techniques on how to test HIV/AIDS at home by yourself without much hassles.
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