Timeline And History Of HIV/AIDS

Circa 1900: Discovery of AIDS

In 1900-1924, somewhere near Kinshasa in West Africa, a chimpanzee was killed by a hunter. Somehow that chimpanzee’s blood entered in to the hunter’s body containing a virus which was harmless to the chimps but was life threatening for humans. Thus, from here the virus got its name as HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus kept spreading rapidly but the deaths occurring due to this virus were identified as deaths occurring due to other causes.

1981: HIV’s First Case Identified

The CDC publishes a report in June of 5 young gay men from Los Angeles identified with life threatening PCP Pneumonia. This was for the first time ever the people had seen this sort of deadly infection in humans with intact immune system.

Thus, PCP Pneumonia was identified as to be one of the major “Opportunistic Infection” killing people caused by the HIV virus. Soon after on July 4, CDC reported that many young people were dying in New York City and California due to an unusual skin cancer – now popularly known as Kaposi’s sarcoma.

1982: HIV Came To Be Recognized As AIDS

In 1982, CDC popularized this new disease to be called as AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Soon scientists started believing that AIDS is transmitted via contaminated blood because AIDS affected people with Hemophilia. In the same year, AIDS advocacy group was formed by Gay men.

1983: Ways of AIDS Transmission Recognized

In 1983, the CDC discovered that AIDS also gets transmitted via mother to child and via heterosexual sexual contact. People suffering from AIDS were requested to stop donating blood. Fear was spread among people and many misconceptions aroused regarding AIDS.

1984: Robert Gallo Detects AIDS

Robert Gallo was a National Cancer Institute Researcher who detected an AIDS virus which was called by him as HTLV-III. Secretary of HHS, Margaret Heckler predicted that there will be a vaccine available within 2 years however he did not funded the AIDS research specifically.

1985: Founding of AmFAR

In 1985, actor Rock Hudson died due to AIDS and actress Elizabeth Taylor became the founding international chairman of the American Foundation for AIDS Research which was popularly known as AmFAR.

1986: First HIV Test Licensed

In 1986, the first HIV test was licensed worldwide which resulted in screening donations by blood banks. In this year the Burk Family showed how the HIV virus affects the heterosexual community.

1987: Formation of ACT UP

In 1987, ACT UP was formed by the citizens of New York to protest the 10,000$ per year cost of AZT. Its motto was SILENCE=DEATH. In the same year U.S.A passed a policy forbidding the immigration of people infected by HIV however this policy was reversed by the President Barack Obama in 2010.

1988: First World’s AIDS Day Celebrated

In 1988, people realized the need of supporting and helping people suffering from HIV and on 1 December, 1988 first World AIDS Day was celebrated.

1991-1992: Recognition of Red Ribbon as a Symbol of AIDS Awareness

In 1991-1992, red ribbon was recognized as a symbol of AIDS awareness and in this year AIDS became the major cause of death of men aged 30-45 in U.S.

2001-2002: AIDS Became the Major Cause of Death

In 2001-2002, the Global Fund was proposed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to fight against HIV/AIDS. In the same year AIDS became the major cause of death of people aged 15-50 worldwide.

2003-2005: President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

In 2003-2005, an HIV outbreak was experienced by the California porn industry. President Bush also announced the 15$ billion President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief which provided enough funds for the treatment of HIV/AIDS to 15 nations.

2008: Death Rate Due To AIDS Now At a Decline

In 2008, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier received the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of HIV/AIDS. Now, treatment was being provided to more than 3 million people out of 33 million people infected with HIV/AIDS worldwide and the death rate due to AIDS noticed a fall.

2012: FDA Approved HIV/AIDS Treatment

In 2012, the use of Tenofovir combination was approved by FDA. This treatment was provided to nullify the risk of transmission of HIV to people who were at a higher risk of getting it. Its main purpose was to stop the HIV from attacking the cells in the body. Till date no scientifically proven cure for HIV/AIDS have been found out however it is predicted that by 2025 HIV/AIDS will be cured successfully.

Timeline And History Of HIV/AIDS
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Timeline And History Of HIV/AIDS
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