Using Vaginal Bacteria To Trap HIV

Recently researchers have made a new discovery in the sector of HIV/AIDS. They have discovered that a certain type of vaginal bacteria that is found in some women in their cervicovaginal mucous can serve as a “biological condom” and can be used to trap the HIV virus. Researchers often wondered in the past about why some of the women had a lower risk of obtaining HIV via transmission from the partner but this latest research findings has answered all their queries.

The findings of this research is expected to become the basis for finding a way to lower the risk of transmission of HI/AIDS and even for finding a cure for this disease. According to studies most of the infections take place in the mucosal surfaces and that is the reason why our body secrete over 6 liters of mucous everyday in order to protect the body from various sort of diseases.

The basic reason for the cervicovaginal mucous to be able to prevent the transmission of the HIV virus is that the ability of forming a strong barrier against pathogens is pretty high at this area and it greatly varies from one woman to another which is the reason why only a few women actually posses this virtue.

In an experiment of finding out about this functionality of the cervicovaginal mucous (CVM), researchers found out that the women who had Lactobacillus crispatus bacteria in their CVM were able to prevent the transmission to a greater extent. This happened basically because Lactobacillus crispatus bacteria makes the CVM stickier which enables the mucous to get attached to the HIV virus particles and successfully discard it from the body.

As per researchers it was previously believed that if there is presence of any Lactobacillus species the vagina will remain healthy but this research revealed that this is not the case each and every time and that only certain types of Lactobacillus species are actually beneficial for vaginal health. Researches like this are a prove that we are pretty close at finding a cure for this disease and soon enough this world will become HIV infection free.

Using Vaginal Bacteria To Trap HIV
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Using Vaginal Bacteria To Trap HIV
This article provides the info about the new way the scientists have discovered to trap the HIV virus.
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