What Is The Actual Definition Of HIV/AIDS?

AIDS is defined as a chronic life threatening immunological disorder caused by the HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV virus destroys your immune system which makes you vulnerable to other infections and diseases. The primary source of transmission of HIV/AIDS includes unprotected sexual contact, mother to child and exposure to infected body fluids.

In other words, AIDS is a condition, caused by the HIV virus, which weakens the immune system, which results in the destruction of white blood cells which ultimately results in the destruction of human body ability to fight the diseases and infections the body gets exposed to.

AIDS Definition According To CDC

As per CDC, a person is said to have AIDS if he/she has been infected by the HIV virus and has either a CD4+ T-Cell count below 200 or has a CD4+ T-Cell percentage less than 15% of the total white blood cells (lymphocytes) in the body. As per CDC, HIV interferes with your body’s immune system and it destroys its ability to fight against other diseases and infections which, if not treated, ultimately leads to death.

HIV and AIDS is not one and the same thing. AIDS is referred to as the last stage of infection caused by HIV. The time period in which the HIV virus weakens your immune system is not definite. It may take the HIV virus several years to weaken your immune system till you reach the stage of AIDS.

There is no scientifically proven or FDA approved cure for HIV/AIDS however there are certain medications that suppress the effects of the virus and slows down its progression dramatically which ultimately helps the infected person to live a much longer and healthy life. The most common used medication to treat HIV/AIDS is antiretroviral therapy and drugs. It’s only because of these drugs that many people infected with HIV have been able to live a long and a happy life.


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